Finished Commission

My commission is finished! YES! It took me three long, long weeks. I probably went over the hours three times over. Thanks to my wonderful friends (they know who they are) who helped my when I was in a bind over time. Speaking of which, I spent a whole night on this, and never even noticed the time go... (I love animating.)

It's probably the best bit of animation I've ever done, and the client is happy with it!

Here's the final one for you to enjoy...


So the commission is almost finished...

I'm already feeling slightly gutted at the fact that my commission will be finished shortly. I've had great fun working on it. However, I do need to start getting my own uni work done, so I guess it works out well in the end.

Following the last meeting we had, I've now been able to show my client a version that will appear closest to what the final product will look like. She liked it; all that's missing is the beginning scene (which I am now colouring in), music and end few credits and logos. There's a hold that needs placing in there somewhere too!

Take a look... I still can't think of a text that will fit the style of the leaves yet though... hmmm


25fps@staffsuni Sting

A collaborative project between me and my classmate Rebecca Mansfield. We we're given a selection of music to choose from, and this is what we came up with (72hrs)


Final animation for second uni year :)

So here's my final animation. It has a weird twitch near the end I still need to sort out though -_- Anyway it had to be 45 seconds long and be about a planet of my own design.


My sculpture for a zombie project at uni, it took me so long, but it was worth it!

So - this was the final animation of my first year, enjoy!


Dice Bounce

Some more first year stuff... this was one of the first things I did on maya!

Box Walker

Another bit of first year animation... amazing to see how much I've progressed since then!

More animation

Work from back in my first year... wow I'm really digging up some stuff!


Preschool Animation

PreSchool Animation opening, using 2D cut out.


I kid you not, the university computers couldn't cope with the size of my files, which meant no HD. Now I have some kind of strange, wonky animation! Never mind...

Green Screen

Well, this was fun. I didn't even have to get cold!